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ENGAGE your uniqueness this holiday season.

There’s something you love to do. A special thing that brings peace when you do it. It’s the part of you that you understand. It’s your passion, and it was given with purpose.

It is part of your uniqueness, and it makes a wonderful holiday gift. A present only you can deliver. Because you’re the only one who does it “like that!”

It could be anything. Maybe you love humor or give out smiles naturally. Perhaps you write poetry, love seaweed, or enjoy the feel of paint in your toes. Color, pets, cars, golf, Scrabble. What is that thing that energizes you? How could you give it?? Imagine there is no box.

Maybe you call together friends and collage over wine. Read your poetry at the table or include it in a holiday card. Set up putt putt golf in the backyard for the whole gang to play.

Sure, personal is risky. But what isn’t? You’ve been on the freeway. Life is full of risks. But if you don’t get on the road, where can you go?

And another pretty important thing. Since it’s not something you created, that you didn’t pay for, it’s a gift. When you use it, you not only feel good but you’re telling your Higher Power “thank you”. There is harmony in gratitude, and you are the joyful recipient.

I know your fondest memories did not come from the mall. Holidays are transformed in the presence of love. As we take the time and make the effort to give of our true self.

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Another way to learn about yourself… Kolbe.com. It’s an online “test”, a set of questions to identify your natural “doing” strengths, called conative instincts. Great if you need help with a relationship, if you’re seeking new opportunities, or if you’re just curious. (It costs $30.) xo

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