DO – Reconnect with Your Spirit

by lorikoop


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Word for April: DO

“Your spirit” is YOU.
In a state of peace and love.

In a perfect world, we would live in this state all the time. But in fact, all kinds of thoughts get in the way. Thoughts that produce the opposite of peace and love. They’re loud. Even bossy. Our spirit is soft. Gentle. To experience it, we have to remove the noise.

To quiet the mind. Here’s some ideas… ways to use the body and the 5 senses to reconnect.

50 Ways to Reconnect with Your Spirit
(CLICK HERE to download)

Be aware it begins with resistance. Every time. The left brain doesn’t want to let go. It thinks it knows better. And it will say so, over and over again. But it doesn’t. Don’t listen! Press thru and continue to do. The mind WILL eventually drop the thoughts in exchange for right brain bliss. For peace and love.

Yes, it takes time. That’s part of the struggle. And why so many of us are exhausted. The spirit is where we rest. Where we drop our baggage and flop on the bed. Like a good vacation. We leave with a renewed sense of well-being and hope. A restored love for the world and ourselves. It’s how we were meant to live.

Enjoy a daily dose. And replenish.

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