DO – Imperfect

by lorikoop


Create something special . . .

Word for April: DO

How do you do imperfect?

Remember back to the last time you did something, and it wasn’t perfect. What happened next?

A thought. A thought that created a feeling. Probably a feeling of crappy. (sorry, the feeling is raw too)

Perfectionism is the leading cause of death.
Death to your creativity. So, if you have the disease, dis-ease about imperfection, it’s costing you.

Last week was a perfect time to look for a remedy. When I realized I referenced the wrong quote in UPWORD, I was aghast. “OMG!” And the next thought, “what will they think?” (For many of us, that’s what comes next.) My stomach started to knot. And true, I felt like crap.

I tried to ease the pain with other thoughts, like… “everyone messes up.” “You tried your best.” “You can’t be perfect.” But they weren’t sticking.

Then I sat in the bath, alone and quiet. And I started to calm. Here, I could hear my spirit. And the wisdom under all the craziness. “I can’t control what others think.” Of course not! I knew that in my head. But here, I felt it true, in my being.

To cure the battering thoughts of perfectionism, find the truth. Seek the spirit. The vulnerable part of yourself, where you love. There, the truth speaks 24/7… the truth that sets you free!

(Next week, I’ll share 50 other ways to connect with the spirit. In case you don’t have a bathtub :))

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