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UPWORD for April: DO

DO Bookmark(Click bookmark to print)

Well it’s a new month and a new word. Like ORDER, DO is one that can be seen as an “UP”word or a DOWNword, depending. I find them especially interesting.

We begin with a bookmark, “Do by not doing.” It’s a popular saying amongst coaches, but it’s one that’s harder to understand. Especially when coaching is about getting things done! Next week, I’ll offer insight.

This week, the bookmark. I’ve always suggested printing onto card stock. Last month, a friend told me she uses copy paper. I did a little redesign to make that easier. Here’s how: print the page on copy paper. Cut out 2 together, then fold in half and glue. Viola! A thicker, 2-sided result. One for you and one for a friend. Enjoy!

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