by lorikoop


Create something special . . .

(word 3)

You are a vast mystery.

Awesome and amazing. Filled with secrets even you do not know yet. How could the person living just inside be so allusive? So intriguing? So much to DISCOVER.

Dorothy fell asleep in a billowy green field filled with yellow poppies and expansive blue sky, the sun beaming and the wind delighted. This place? It’s called The Unknown.

As we seek and question, we are invited in. It’s like no other place. It’s where Adventure lives.

Also Answers, all answers, live in The Unknown. Visit and see if you can find them.

THIS WEEK, make room to discover. Ask yourself a question. Maybe something you’d like to change or something you’ve been meaning to try. The rules: it has to include you and it can’t include “should” (or any other guilt statement). Could be a baby step.

“What if I turned off the radio while I washed the dishes?”
“How would I make a teapot?”
“What would happen without that hair product?”
“Where would I go if I could go anywhere?”

Welcome to The Unknown. Wiggle your toes in the cool grass. Feel the warm rays on your skin. It’s a “wonder”ful place to be.

In this place, you will find You.

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