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UPWoRD of the week . . . DIFFERENCE

When it comes to age, we want the camera to reveal little difference. Also, with a map and a destination. But when it comes to internal growth, we want a lot!

Christine Kane’s Uplevel Your Business program and my mastermind groups have pushed me out of the hamster wheel and into upward. If you’re stuck, get help!

There are many classes, workshops and books on every “sticky” subject out there. Spend the afternoon in the bookstore.

Maybe it’s time to hire a coach for one-on-one attention. Find the right expert, and there’s no stopping you. A teacher, a therapist and a cheerleader all in one. There are life coaches and business coaches, even weight loss coaches. (Yes, others struggle too.) You name it, I bet there’s someone with valuable insight to help. Ask around, look online.

Mastermind groups are amazing, too! They work, because the group brain is smarter than the lone brain. Organize to discuss and support common interests such as tweens, dreams or self employment. I’m in one that connects only across phone lines. Using this method, you can gather just the right people without physical restriction. It’s even free with this telephone conference service, click here.

My other mastermind group is local. Worksheet, questions and problems in hand, we gather each month to encourage, brainstorm and grow. Each member gets direct and equal attention from the group (use a timer). Google “mastermind” for more info.

Reach out. I tell you, it will make a difference! A difference in your life and in the lives you will touch.

ps. To experience the other “difference”, the one the camera records, see this beautiful family portrait series done over a span of 30 years.

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Seth Godin is one of the most influential business bloggers in the world. He’s an author, speaker and entrepreneur. He is calling his latest book, Linchpin : Are you indispensable?, his life’s work. It’s about doing your genius work, asking “what if?s”, and making a difference. Wow, I’m there!

We have connected, and I’m now designing a series of ceramics inspired by his words. Excitement is through the roof as I’m believing words “make a difference!” And so does he. Stay tuned! xo

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admin May 7, 2010 at 5:28 am

Laura, what a thrill to see this idea put into action. Please keep me in the loop on the progress. Maybe you could do a guest post about the experience. Thanks for filling my day with awe! and gratitude.


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