Deep – Connection

by lorikoop


Create something special . . .

(Week 88)

Word for September: DEEP

Deep connection is essential if we want peace. In the heart space, our spirit self gently leads our earthly self, the part of us that acts. Regular conversations between the two allow them to stay in sync. Keep them working together in harmony, moving forward.

Time together creates self intimacy, and self intimacy insures connection. I suggest a.m. appointments daily. It keeps the spirit doing what it was created to do, lead. And the earthly self doing what it was designed to do, follow.

Just imagine for a minute that your spirit lives in its own chamber, in the heart. And your earthly self lives on the earth. In order for the two to visit, the earthly self uses one of these modes of transportation to get to the cool pad and enter the heart…

Stillness: conscious breathing, meditation, sitting still + doing nothing
Hand movement: art making, knitting, hemming pants, baking, petting your pets, free play
Easy exercise: walking, running, swimming, dancing, biking
Repetitive action: driving, gardening, weeding
Honest talk: to another, to the page
Freeing the mind: fishing, listening to soft music
Steering the heart: singing sweet lyrics, reading Truth, seeing beautiful pics, watching a tender video

These vehicles (or one of your own choice) transport the earthly self so the two can meet. Enjoy their relationship. Discuss the plans. Since the spirit’s voice is still and soft, it requires a place of quiet.

At first, you’ll feel resistance. The earthly self is loud and will share all kinds of reasons not to go, why it’s too hard or not necessary. It can be a complainer. Don’t listen! Like any journey, effort is required. But reunion is inevitable if you stay the course. Remember the rewards, and you will press thru to enter in. Into that deep sense of inner peace and knowing. Where “no worry,” “no lack” and “no reason to fear” also live. And return with you to earth.

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