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(word 53)

Word of the week : COLOR

Who doesn’t love color? It brings variety, beauty and vibrance to life. Color connects us to our artist self.

One thing every painter learns is color is relative. It appears brighter or duller, darker or lighter, warmer or cooler based on the colors that surround it. The colorist Johannes Itten did a lot of work with this. In this example, the colors in the center remain the same, while the surrounding color changes. Notice how the interior color is affected. The color appears different. But it’s not. How we see it changes. The outer color colors the inner.

Here’s another “interior” fact … I am 48 years old. What color do I paint around it? “Bummer, if only I were 28 again! I’m not as sharp as I used to be. Look at these rolls.” Or I could use “Wow! I am empowered by my 48 years of experience. I know so much more than I knew then. The rich friendships I’ve developed. The conscious mothering I did. How much I’ve grown!” I choose how to see the fact by the color I paint around it.

We paint every day, all day, with our thoughts. Every circumstance in our life. And you thought you weren’t an artist!

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