Soozy Start-Up

If you’re like Soozy Start-Up, you need to start making money now that the kids are getting older. But this time, you want to work for yourself. And do something you really love, with unlimited income potential. The flexibility to work your own hours. And do things your own way. You’ve always worked hard. You’ve made lots of money for others. Now it’s your turn!

What You Struggle With
There are several things… you’ve never run a business before. You’re not sure how. Or that you can. Or even if the business is exactly right for you. And you don’t want to guess wrong and waste time. The idea is to grow the business as the kids grow. And be hugely profitable when the kids enter college. In time for tuition. And life after kids. Honestly, you’re not really sure how you’ll juggle work and home. It does feel a little selfish focusing on yourself. But you’ve always thought about the future, and this feels right.

What You Need Most Right Now
You need to reconnect with your authentic self and find what you were designed to do. Create the possibility in your own mind, get clear about what it looks like. Then build a solid business foundation