Patty Profit

If you’re like Patty Profit, you already have your own business. Your passion has now become your business. And that feels good. Every day you wake up to work you love. You appreciate the flexibility, especially with the kids’ schedules. You’ve been becoming a real business woman, figuring out things as you go. Serving clients with your gifts and getting rave reviews. This work feels great… most days.

What You Struggle With

The biggest problem is profit. You work TONS of hours without much return. And that needs to change, because you don’t want to have to get a “real job.” It’s a bummer, because you can see the potential. If you only knew more. There’s just no more time to give. You’re beginning to lose enthusiasm. Becoming a bit burned out. Recently you’ve noticed these little doubting thoughts that used to not be there. Like, this business will never work. It certainly is a lot harder than you thought.

What You Need Most Right Now
You need help figuring out what’s missing. Why you’re not making money. And what to change. You need a smarter-not harder-approach. To create focus while you’re at work. And systems that help time management. It’s definitely time for a business plan, some marketing strategies and organization. You want to regain control. And learn how to run this business profitably.

If Patty Profit sounds like you and you want help, let’s talk. And figure out exactly what you need. I’ll let you know honestly if I can help. Call to set up a complimentary 30-min consult 626-355-2443 or schedule online. Click here for more information about Private Coaching.