Coaching sessions hold the space for awareness, development and improvement to happen. Away from the busy day, there is room to connect, find clarity and set up strategies. Whether you need to find yourself again, create a real business plan or get a good night’s sleep. Magic happens when you reach out!

Get out of the hamster wheel! Create success, personally + professionally. I’m here to help you.

Private coaching sessions:
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In-person, Skype or telephone.
$150 / 60-min session
$200 / 90-min session

What clients are saying… YELP

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Typical client struggles:

. Lack of clarity and direction. Confusion.
. Fear. Of not reaching potential, making a mistake, etc.
. Burnout. Loss of passion.
. Lack of organization + structure.
. Inconsistent follow-thru.
. Relational frustrations.
. Time mismanagement.
. Self-sabotage.
. No plan.