Business Coaching

How do you navigate the unknown? Take the steering wheel and drive your business responsibly into the future? Your dreams are big! Time to believe and take action. I’ll help with the map while you steer. This is a team effort!

Together we’ll get clear about what you really want. Everyone is different. And at a different stage in their journey. This is your one wild and precious life. It’s for you to enjoy! We’ll talk openly, honestly and confidentially. We’ll dissolve what’s holding you back. You’ll learn how to be bold in the face of fear. And use creativity to stand out from the crowd. So you can arrive safely where your heart desires.

Coaching sessions provide time and mental space way from the busy day. To step out of your business to work on it. It’s time to make art. Your life as art. Create something beautiful!

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Private coaching sessions: in-person or ZOOM
$250 / 75 to 90 min session

What clients are saying… YELP

I’ve helped clients:
– Grow their business.
– Create a right brain business plan.
– Work less hours for more money.
– Define their products + ideal clients.
– Decide on what business to start.
– Determine whether to stay or sell the business.
– With burnout, lost passion + misplaced self.
– Set up a calendar plan + manage distractions.
– Resolve relationship struggles – personal + professional.
– Create a business that runs without them.