Make Peace with Food

RE-form relationships.
With food.
With emotions.
With Yourself.

The group.
A powerful resource.
For guidance and insight.
Accountability and love.

Join us if you’re ready. These tools are permanent.

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Wednesdays 9:30 – 11:00 am (12 wks), Jan 16 – Apr 3, 2013 . . $295
Personal residence in Sierra Madre.

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MAKE PEACE WITH FOOD . . . 12 weeks, 90 min. classes (in person)
The struggle with food feels awful! I know. Thoughts are consuming and distracting. Things are put on hold until “after I lose the weight.” There is a never ending cycle of emotional ups and downs. Learn the tools to get off the roller coaster, once and for all. And find a peace you’ve never known.