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(Delivered July 28, 2013)

“The challenge of work-life balance is without question one of the most significant struggles faced by modern man.”

~ Stephen Covey

Balance. It’s not about equal measures as with a scale. But rather, about emotional balance… finding peace in both your personal and business lives at the same time.

Have you ever felt guilty when you’re working and not with the kids, and then guilty when you’re with the kids and not working? Either way you lose.

I think deep down we imagine giving 100% to our business and 100% to our family. The problem is we don’t have 200%. We all get the same amount… 100% of a 24 hour day. That total is what we have to divvy up.

To see clearly, draw out a typical week and block in the areas of your day that are already committed to certain activities. With different colored markers, represent the various themes of time usage, for example: the kids, meals, carpooling, exercise, housework, family time, etc.

What is left uncolored is the time available for your new business. Or for whatever else you have in mind. Visuals make things really clear. Count up the hours. This is really what you have to work with.

Best to start with the facts. Instead of a painful story.

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Coming TRU*

Our “story” is what we make up based on the facts, our perceptions of the truth. And it’s what gives them emotional energy. Stories that feel good… well, why change them? It’s the ones that don’t empower us that I suggest we revise.

Go back to the facts. The facts are neutral. Look at what you’re telling yourself about them. If you want to feel better, look for a different story. Feel it in your body. You’re looking for the one that brings peace. And restores balance. business card.
It happened by accident.
And it was perfect!
It involves seeing clearly.

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