Cathy talks about Peace with Food

by lorikoop

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As a participant of the Make Peace with Food class, Cathy can share from a student’s perspective. I thought it might be helpful if you’re considering the class. Wanting a different experience in 2013.

Make Peace with Food makes sense, especially when you are working with other women who share the same struggles. It comes with a large dose of compassion, understanding and humor. Food and weight are such big issues. Understanding how to make choices that are good for you, and accept the flaws that make us human, is something you will come to terms with in this class. The Ah-Ha moments are there in abundance, and Lori is brilliant at making sure you see and feel them. I may not be skinny, but I feel good!”

This is deep, gradual work that brings permanent change. And relief. new class begins in January. (Email for a monthly payment option.)

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