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(Mountain Views News, Sierra Madre published June 15, 2013)

I asked a bunch of business people what they struggled with most in their businesses, and it boiled down to one word: CLARITY. They lacked clarity about their products, their brand, their ideal clients, their marketing, their resources and/or time management. There are infinite responsibilities that come with running a business, and clarity is the key to good management. Clarity provides efficient movement forward.

When clarity is not present, we guess. Like a hamster on the hamster wheel, we may find ourselves working really hard but not getting ahead. How frustrating! It’s like traveling in a new city without a roadmap. Without clearly knowing where we’re headed, we can’t know the best roads to take.

To find clarity, start with the struggle. Suppose the area of stress is “time management.” That’s a broad topic. What specifically about time management is not working? Get really clear about the problem, and write it down… for example, maybe you want more time for Social Media each day. If there are several areas causing stress, make a list of them, but start with one — the one that’s most frustrating. This is Point A. Now, how would you like this thing to look ideally? Again write down your thoughts. Suppose you want 30 minutes each day for Social Media. This is Point B. The solution? The steps that get you from Point A to Point B.

Point B is where you’re headed. It is your desired destination. How do you get there?

If you’re like most people, you begin by thinking. Engaging the left-brain to analytically figure things out. Using your brain power to imagine lots of possibilities, then evaluating which ones won’t work and reducing the ideas down to “the” solution. I know this feels natural. Logic is how we were trained. It’s how we have found success in the past. But even though it may feel natural, it is not how we were designed.

We were designed to begin with the right-brain, our spirit. Instead of jamming in the left-brain, imagine finding a quiet place and slowing your thoughts down to find the answer. This is counter-intuitive, I know. But if our life map is there, our directions are there too. Learning to access your answers by first consulting that still, small voice will save you time and energy (and probably some headaches.) Learn to let clarity come while you simply listen. I use journaling to collect the ideas. There’s no “working,” the solution is given… even with time management.

It’s a new way of doing business.


TRU Stance

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As I was debating what to write about this week, I thought of the act of deciding. How unless there’s a clear winner, I can get stuck. Examining the options, over and over again in my head. Hoping the right answer will POP OUT.

If you too find yourself struggling with a decision, this advice has helped me every time… “FEEL IT.”

I know. Simple. But we often forget. I often forget. My deepest wisdom and guidance comes from my spirit, which talks through my body. Instead of trying to engage my logical, left brain mind to figure things out, I can feel my way to the answer thru my body. In this way, I am aligning with what is most TRU for me.

To “feel it,” I saw myself doing the first option. I engaged the 5 senses as if I was really doing it. And thus, my body responded. I gave it an “excitement” score, ranging from 0 to 10. Down the list I went, looking for the option that generated the MOST excitement.

And it did POP OUT!
When I looked for the TRUth.

The.legs of one of my pots. I know.
I want to share them.
And I will.
It’s a matter of priority.
And yes, “feeling it!”


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(Mountain Views News, Sierra Madre published June 8, 2013)

The right-brain and left-brain were designed to work together: the right-brain spiritually guides us in the direction of our purpose, and the left-brain physically gets us there. When we encounter fear, our thoughts are diverted. Instead of listening to the spirit, we hear the fearful thoughts. Clarity vanishes. We get confused. We can’t decide, so we don’t move. We forget that we’ve already been told what the right move is.

Remember, the spirit knows who we are and what we are here to do. It can show us how to get there, if we listen and act accordingly. Fearful thoughts make us too afraid to act: we see too much risk, too many negative possibilities. We see the reasons why it won’t work. What it could cost.

When we remove the fear, we realign with the spirit and our right path. As a coach, that’s what I do most and best: I help clients dissolve their fearful thoughts. Help them see how to live the unique life they know, deep down, they were created for — the life that still excites them!

My favorite tool for dissolving fear is “The Work” by Byron Katie. It’s a straightforward process of 4 inquiry questions and 3 turnarounds, and it delivers extraordinary freedom!

“The Work” pulls out the thought so it can be looked at, really looked at, from different perspectives. It allows the mind to imagine other possibilities, to untangle painful beliefs and discover new ones that could be just as true. It is a meditative approach, not a series of must-dos. For step-by-step instructions, visit her website ( Or come see me. I offer a complimentary session, and I’m happy to teach you in-person.

Fear keeps us playing small… and short of our potential. If you too want TO DO the things you dream about, learn how to keep the path clear. Without fear to block you, you are free… TRUly free!


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What is a Wayfinder? Explore the inner waters.

Dr. Elizabeth Lindsey delivers a Ted Talk that will inspire.


TRU Valor

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Fear Of Missing Out.

I heard myself say that the simplest way to market would be to choose just one group as my target market, not the three I was thinking about. After all, three populations meant three times the amount of work. But I was afraid of missing out.


I was afraid there wouldn’t be enough.
I was afraid I wouldn’t choose right.
I was afraid to miss great people.


It keeps us unfocused, not crystal clear.
It keeps us overworked and unbalanced.
It keeps us in the middle, not cutting edge.


It produces followers, not heroes.
I mean, what if I’m wrong! It might cost me everything.
Or, it might already be costing me everything.

. . . . . . . .

Coming TRU

Where are you afraid of missing out?

Over choosing and experiencing exhaustion?

Put down the balls.
Go with your gut and chance the outcome.

You’ll live longer.
Or, maybe you’ll just really live.

. . . . . . . .

Weekly article

I am now posting my Mountain Views News weekly article here. The column is called Living TRU.

The.adventure of our lifetime.


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(Mountain Views News, Sierra Madre published May 25, 2013)

Our thoughts create our feelings. They just do. Good and bad, like it or not. That’s how we work: our body responds to what we think about.

How are you feeling right now? There are feelings according to the mind — like “mad, sad, glad or afraid”. And there are feelings according to the body, the physical sensations we sometimes can’t put into words. While the head abbreviates, the body tells the whole story… and never lies.

So, how are you feeling? If it’s “good,” go right on thinkin’ what you’re thinkin’, because it will keep you feelin’ what you’re feelin’. Your thoughts are working for you.

If it’s “not so good,” it’s nice to know where to start to create change. Since your thoughts produce the feelings, take notice of what you are thinking. FInd the thoughts that are creating the discomfort. The great news? When you change them, your feelings will also change. Come up with a thought that makes you feel better. More empowered and productive. Yes, you get to choose.

Try writing the toxic ones down on paper, just as they are. See those bandits in black and white. Call their bluff. Then replace them with the new, better feeling thoughts. For example: “I can’t do this!” might become “I’m learning how to do this.” Read each thought again now, and notice how each makes you feel. Different, huh?

When looking for a new thought, don’t jump to an opposite statement, as an affirmation tends to do. Look for a statement that is a baby step from where you are. The key is it that is has to feel true (in your mind and in your body). If it generates a deep sigh or an exhale, you’ve hit it. Recite it whenever the dark one shows up; you will feel relief.

It’s in your power. How DO you want to feel?


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(Mountain Views News, Sierra Madre published May 18, 2013)

The body. Remember that thing? Sometimes we don’t. At times our mind is so full of
thoughts, we leave our body. Well, really, we don’t — we are just too distracted to notice our body’s sensations. Though we are physically there, we have mentally traveled to a place far from the present moment. Away from the here and now. This is fine — even occasionally necessary — for a while. But when our thoughts get stuck whirling, as we try to “figure things out,” we lose the benefits of our internal navigation system. We miss the insights that come from our body.

The beautiful and perfect thing about the body, EVERY body, is its innate ability to
navigate. You see, the spirit holds our life map, and it is designed to show us the way.
It sends guidance through sensations regarding people, situations, decisions… really any matter involving our lives, if we pay close attention.

Each body uses a unique set of sensations to communicate. My clients have expressed feeling lightness, an open chest, excited butterflies in their stomachs when their body is communicating “YES!” And things like a constricted throat, tight shoulders and a queasy stomach when their body is saying “NO!” Your body has its own unique language.

To prove it, think of a time when you were in a blissful, joyful state. What were you doing? Go there now, see it in your mind’s eye. Your body will react. What body sensations do you feel? Really stop and notice. This is the way your body says “YES!” Now imagine the opposite… a situation (a job, perhaps) where you were not happy. Engage with it viscerally. See it in your mind’s eye. Now what sensations are present? They feel different, huh? This is your “NO!”

Be patient with yourself. As with all new things, we start out as beginners. With practice,
we get better at hearing what our body has to say and using its wisdom. We get better at Living TRU.


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(Mountain Views News, Sierra Madre published May 11, 2013)

The tasks and worries of this world can pull us from a place of peace: our to-do lists are rarely completed, our fear of failure encourages us to take on more and more, and our unknown future keeps us on edge. To cope, we work harder, faster, in hopes of getting “on top of things.” In hopes of succeeding. Without meaning or a clear sense of purpose, life can lose its appeal and leave us feeling empty.

The problem is not life, but how we’re choosing to live it… we are disconnected from our true self. Separated from our life’s TRU adventure. We are running our lives based on the instructions of the left brain, rather than the intended leader in the right brain, our spirit. Left brain dialogue focuses on fear and staying safe. While the right brain longs for adventure, your adventure, to materialize.

To tap into that magical resource, we must learn to connect and stay connected. We must listen to our spirit so it can tell us where to go and what to do. You see, the spirit holds our own personal map; it will guide us if we seek its help. We were never intended to live on autopilot. We were meant to live the life of our dreams. Specifically, doing the things you see in your dreams.

So, how to connect? We start by cleaning house. Removing the clutter of thoughts in the mind so we can hear the still, soft voice within. The process of connecting begins here, and there are many ways to do it. I’ve made a list of more than 50 ways. I want to share them with you: either sign up for my mailing list or download directly…

My personal favorite (and the one I encourage all my clients to do) is journaling. The simple process of writing brings the mind to focus all its attention to the here and now, on only one thing. Then, the mind calms itself. To practice, get a piece of paper and begin free writing, or “brain dumping” as Julia Cameron of The Artist’s Way calls it. Simply listen to the thoughts in your head and write them down. Without judgment. Without censorship. Write exactly what you hear. Through this process, earthly concerns are removed and spiritual wisdom can come in. Keep writing! Start with 5 minutes a day, and make it a part of your routine. Increase your time when inspired.

Or, if you prefer, pick another connection method from the list. Something that appeals to you. Experiment. Find your favorites! The more time you spend with your spirit, the stronger the relationship will become. And the more you will know The Real You. And how to Live TRU.


Create something special . . .

(Mountain Views News, Sierra Madre published May 04, 2013)

“Living TRU”… what does that mean? Let’s start with “TRU.”

I pondered what acronym I could create from those three letters. I knew it was the spelling I wanted to use, I just didn’t know why. I tried to figure out something that would make sense. Something ingenious. Something mind blowing! But nothing came to me.

Not until I opened the door to my doctor’s office and in dropped “The Real You.” It was not audible, but I heard it. What? Yes, it was true: TRU = The Real You. “T”… The, “R”… Real, “U”… You. Wow! Talk about mind blowing!! It was perfect. Exactly what I was looking for. Because when you are The Real You, you are TRU.

The Real You is who you are at your core. Your Essence. Your spirit. It is the part of you that is ageless and could have been placed into any body. It is not the body, but is located in it. Specifically, it lives in the right brain. The right brain provides the space from which the spirit can guide and lead. That’s what the spirit was designed to do: it holds the map to our right life, to our entire life, including the work we are here to do. It can navigate without guesswork.

We gain access to the map (and the specifics of our life) when we listen deeply. When we spend time in a calm, quiet place — a place where we can be open to the truth — we hear the soft voice of the spirit. If our environment is too loud, we cannot hear. Even our own mind can distract us. The worries and concerns, the fears and the doubts of the left brain disconnect us, and we lose access. Our attention is brought to the surface, away from the spirit and into a place far from calm. As these fearful thoughts take over, we lose our clarity. Our sure direction becomes fuzzy. Our confidence dwindles. And we feel lost.

Living TRU is about coming back into alignment: reconnecting with the truth that is in you and your path. Next week, we’ll talk about how to connect to the spirit. Stay tuned.


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(Mountain Views Newspaper, Sierra Madre published April 27, 2013)

Our life’s work often involves the solutions we have found for ourselves.

I didn’t know I was creative. I just knew what I loved to do. I used my mind in the ways I was comfortable with: ever inventing, imagining, dreaming. But I did not know why, or for what. I did not have that person who was able to speak clearly into my natural behaviors and help me understand what creativity was. I entered college with this lack of awareness. And I let others decide my career for me.

Well, as you might imagine, my Business Degree in Accounting did not provide the kind of stimulation my brain craved. Even with my love of numbers. What I did love was business, the Creative Part (now I know). I would create business names, logos and marketing ideas. I dreamed of starting new businesses and selling them. Businesses I did not know about, so I could live in the land of learning.

If I had only seen the clues. But even though one cannot go back, there are no mistakes. It was the way I was meant to travel. And it led me to this work, which is truly my life’s work.

I help some clients find their uniqueness and their ideal business. There is no need to search alone. I help other clients start dream businesses. There is no need to act alone. I help still others become more profitable. There is no need to suffer alone.

A Right Brain Business Coach is a unique brand of coach. As a matter of fact, I don’t know of any other. I combine a Business degree, a Fine Art degree from Art Center, and a Life Coach Certification from Oprah’s Dr. Martha Beck to uncover creative solutions to individual needs. There is no one–size-fits-all: why would two businesses be the same when no two owners are the same? That’s what separates them from the crowd. It’s their advantage. Personal Uniqueness + Personal Expression = Brand. And it is the thing you need to thrive!

I provide support, guidance and know-how. This work is about finding your True Self and the life you were created to do. If you are ready to find clear direction and step out with confidence, let me encourage you. If you would like some help, feel free to call and set up a complimentary coaching session. If I’m not the right coach, I’ll help you find the right one. My deepest wish is that you would find and do that thing that makes your heart sing.

Last August, I joined independent business owner Tanya Edmonds at The Center for Wellbeing. In Tanya’s words: “My vision for The Center for Wellbeing was to create a community sanctuary for wholeness, health, spiritual growth and celebrate beauty in all its forms. When Lori approached me about doing Life/Business Coaching here at the Center, it was a perfect case of serendipity. I was delighted at the prospect of adding this other dimension to services at the Center, and had it in my radar to find someone just like her. In our incredibly over-extended lives, I believe it is becoming more and more essential to seek out people who can coach and support us through our moments of indecision, transition and redirection. An integral component of what it means to be whole, healthy and fulfilled in the 21st century.”

At The Center, I offer private, one-on-one coaching in a serene environment. Sessions are weekly and by the hour. There is also the option to work by telephone, or even on Skype. We will find a way that works best for you and your busy lifestyle! Schedule a complimentary session.

For those who prefer group work, I offer classes. Currently they include The Right Brain Business Plan, for business owners who want to develop a map. Free to Create is a class I offer through the Art Center at Night program. It combines teachings from The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron and Life Coaching tools to open creative possibilities and freedom. To be informed of new classes and dates, please join my mailing list.

Our journeys may differ, but our creative spirits unite us. We carry deep longings to do what we love and share it with the world. To make a difference! Join me weekly right here