Create something special . . .

I am borrowing this title from a friend. It just seemed too perfect. (Thanks, T!)

It’s time for me to take a break. Not a “go on vacation” kind of break, but one that will allow me some time to think. Reflect. Dream. And redesign. We desire that sometimes, because that’s what we need. If we listen deep, the guidance is there. When we connect.

My plan is to pause this writing but not close shop. I will continue coaching. And with the new time, I will clarify my message and my methods. For instance, I recently met Betsy Chasse, one of the makers of What the Bleep Do We Know?!, here in LA. I LOVED her story… all the sacrifice it took to make that movie, back in the day, before internet. She graciously agreed to an interview. That SUPER excites me! Because I want to empower and excite YOU to do your work in the world!

My new home page talks about where I’m headed. My plan is to provide inspiration to the dreamers. The go-getters. The non-21 year olds that want to connect with their life’s work and make a difference! When I first started this blog almost 4 years ago, it was called UPWORD, and its purpose was to share my pottery. Things have come a long way!

THANK YOU! Thank you for supporting and believing. Thank you for reading and being a part. For commenting and sharing your stories. I will definitely be in touch. My guess is around January.

God bless.

. . . . . . . .

Join Me

In the meantime, I will be sharing the shift on Social Media. Any of the red buttons on my home page will allow you to join me there. And I would LOVE that! xo Live
It does matter what we take in.


Create something special . . .

(Mountain Views News, Sierra Madre published Sep 28, 2013)

Many of my clients want to make a career move, but are unsure of what they love to do. They have guessed wrong in the past, and they’re afraid of doing it again. But moving forward requires a decision. So, many are stuck, waiting for “the right answer.”

To help find it, they ask others. They look to the past. They reference culture. Their left brain clicks into high gear — it is determined to find the answer. It looks and looks. (And makes us crazy in the process.) In the end, it doesn’t know… it just has to guess. It can’t know, it does not have access. The answer lies in the right brain, and it lives in the left.

To get to the right brain and your answer, use your body. The spirit uses the body to communicate our tru* path. If you’re stuck, find a quiet, peaceful place and try this:

1. Make a list of the options you’re considering.
2. Take the first one and imagine doing it. Close your eyes. Engage all the senses: sight, sound, touch, taste and smell. See yourself in action and really feel it.
3. On a scale from 1 to 10 (10 being the most excited), score your excitement.
4. Go to the next option. Do steps 2 and 3 again. Don’t worry about why, just stick to the body sensations.
5. Experience each item on the list with your body and score it.

The option that scores the highest is the “winner!” It most aligns with your true self and the work you’re here to do. Start there! I know, it’s not how you’re used to making decisions. It’s a NEW way. Try it, if you’re tired of waiting.


Create something special . . .

Fear is part of EVERY decision. It’s my new hunch.

I had been wanting to rename this newsletter and finally decided on “Reconnect” because it felt so tru. Then I heard the fear: what will others think if you change the name again.

It was there that I saw it, the “safe” choice and the “risky” choice. I could play it safe and not change, OR I could become more tru and change. There was tension. There often is when there’s fear. Even when the risky choice feels so right.

The best way to decide… Reconnect.
To the truth of who I am and why I’m here. To the Truth that is only found in my spirit.

The world will tell me all kinds of scary stories, but the spirit is fearless. It is concerned only with my tru path. And it’s mission is to help me stay on it. If I want to KNOW what to do, I need to go there for wisdom.

. . . . . . . .

Coming TRU*

When you stay close to your spirit, you too will feel the right decision. In its presence, you will gather confidence and strength. It makes it a lot easier to face the fear. And remain tru.

( * = The Real You)

How.will you play?


Create something special . . .

(Mountain Views News, Sierra Madre published Sep 14, 2013)

My daughter regularly puts these rescue videos under my nose. Hurting dogs living on the streets, and one man’s commitment to save them. They are beautiful stories. Have a look:

When I viewed the newest one yesterday, I was filled with gratitude. The sacrifice. The offering. The impact. THANK YOU, Eldad. For the humanity you call us to. For the compassion you uncover. For the giving heart that expects nothing in return.

And thank YOU for your service. Whether you are volunteering at school or the local animal shelter, making a meal for a neighbor, or giving clothes to Goodwill, giving matters. It changes others, and it heals you.

If you are feeling lost, unneeded, or hopeless, reach out. It’s often the opposite of what you’re inclined to do; depression often leads to isolation, but it doesn’t help. If you can, reach into your heart pull out a part. Give it to someone else, someone less fortunate, and feel it heal back up. Stronger. Bigger. Better. That’s how it works.

Let us all be reminded to make time. To do what we can. To care.

Let us not be satisfied with just giving money. Money is not enough, money can be got, but they need your hearts to love them. So, spread your love everywhere you go.” – Mother Teresa


CLARITY : Belief

by lorikoop

in Clarity

Create something special . . .

There just HAD to be a job out there that I would LOVE! According to my calculations, half my waking hours would be spent “on the job,” and there was no way I was wasting any of it being miserable. We’re supposed to love what we do! That was my belief. And it still is.

Do you love what you do?

If you do, congratulations! You’re doing something that you believe in. And that feels good.

If you don’t, there is hope… if you believe. Do you honestly believe there’s work out there that will give you what you want? It’s a funny thing, whatever you believe, you create. Your beliefs are THAT powerful! They are the lenses through which you see and operate in the world. If it appears possible, you’ll look for the way. If it doesn’t, you won’t even try.

So, before you begin to reinvent your career, find the love of your life, or buy your first home, work on your belief. Make sure you believe it’s possible whole-heartedly. It’s your ticket. Without it, you can’t get on board.

. . . . . . . .

Coming TRU*

What if you want to believe, but you don’t?

For example, I want to become a strong public speaker, but I have the belief “I’m not good enough to speak in public.” With that belief, I will run in the opposite direction. I don’t want to embarrass myself. By doing that, I will not become a strong speaker, because it comes with practice. Do you see I created that with my belief?

To create a new belief, I have to think different thoughts. A thought that could help me is “I can learn to public speak.” When I think that, I’ll look for opportunities to practice. I’ll volunteer to speak. And every time I do, I’ll find evidence (if I’m looking) that it’s true… I CAN learn, because I am. With adequate evidence, the brain naturally replaces the old belief with the new one.

Align your thoughts with what you want to create. And you will!


Create something special . . .

(Mountain Views News, Sierra Madre published Aug 24, 2013)

Organizing is what you do before you do something, so that when you do it, it is not all mixed up.” – A. A. Milne

Imagine arriving in a foreign country without a written plan or map. Where would you go? What would you do? You’d certainly waste a lot of time wandering around, trying to make sense of things and find your way. And chances are good that you would run out of time before you got to see all the things you really came to see.

An itinerary requires upfront work, but it streamlines the effort when you arrive so that you can get to see everything. That’s why you came, right?!! It gives focus to the limited time you have. And identifies clearly the steps you will take to get to your destinations.

Many people start their businesses with little more than an impassioned idea and the determination to “make it work.” With the internet, it’s easy to jump in — anyone can do it. Personally, I LOVE that! But just because you can be in business doesn’t mean you know how to do business. After a few wrong turns and miscalculations, it’s obvious how easy it is to waste time.

A business plan is like an itinerary: it gives clear and organized information about where you want to go, and the steps you plan to take to get there. It considers carefully the best, most efficient use of your time. It maps out how your big vision will become a reality and provides clear directions.

There are many ways to create a business plan. Just google “business plan.” Find the method that speaks to you. The key is to DO IT! Not just wish for it. Decide where you will go and what you will do. Put it in writing so you don’t forget. Or get lost.

For the sake of your business, make a plan… a plan to succeed!

P.S. For those who cringe at the dry, traditional methods, there is another way. I teach a visual approach called the Right Brain Business Plan. It invites the imaginative, right brain into the process. You create a VISUAL MAP with words and pictures.


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(Mountain Views News, Sierra Madre published Aug 17, 2013)

Have respect for yourself, and patience and compassion. With these you can handle anything.” – Jack Kornfield

Life is full of transitions: just as there are seasons in nature, there are seasons in life. They occur whether we want them to, or not….

. My sister’s youngest leaves for college.
. A friend loses a 25 year work routine.
. The kids return to school.

Some transitions are harder than others, but they all ask us to change. They require us to shift the way we see ourselves and our identity. This is known as “Square 1”… Death and Rebirth in the Cycle of Change. No, it’s usually not easy. As a matter of fact, it’s the place where most people seek Life Coach support.

When a caterpillar begins its transformation into a butterfly, it doesn’t just grow wings. It creates a cocoon around itself and, within, turns to goo. It completely melts down into liquid form and then reforms as a butterfly. Our process is similar. The old self turns to goo. But the DNA is still there. In time, the new self emerges just as miraculously. And beautifully.

Here are some keys to managing “Square 1” transitions:

Recognize you are in transition and cut yourself some slack. Hang low. Allow yourself time to grieve. To feel the feelings of loss. To cocoon and reflect. Listen to your body. You may require more sleep, have less “doing” energy, and feel “emotional.” This is all normal. Be compassionate and patient with yourself. Don’t make any major decisions. Your new self is forming, and it requires time and self-care.

Grieve, but don’t get stuck in your story — that will only prolong the trip. Work through your feelings, investigate beliefs, and don’t fight it! Allow the new You to emerge when the time is right. It will happen organically as you flow with the process.

Hang in there. The rewards are big. You are becoming a better You! Stronger. Deeper. Wiser. And on the other side, you will see more clearly.


Create something special . . .

(Mountain Views News, Sierra Madre published Aug 10, 2013)

All men should strive to learn before they die, what they are running from, and to, and why.” – James Thurber

Who am I? This is one of the most perplexing and mysterious questions you can ask yourself. It’s my hunch most of us don’t know the answer…. why? Too often we do not spend enough time getting to know ourselves.

When we want an intimate relationship, we spend lots of time with the other. We talk openly and share secrets; we reveal fears and disappointments, dreams and desires. We allow ourselves to be seen… the perfect and the imperfect. The same is true with getting to know ourselves. It takes time. Regular talks. Honest exchanges of vulnerability and truth.

It’s the journey that woos me every morning at 4:30. I sit at my window, light a candle, and begin writing. I ask anything. Then, write what I hear. After a while, I transition from my left brain to my right brain, and my spirit becomes clear. It’s healing. It’s clarifying. It’s essential… if I want to find my answers. After all, the spirit knows everything about me! And yours knows everything about you. Aren’t you curious?

The conversations are helpful, but not always easy. The spirit doesn’t know “easy.” It knows the truth. Sometimes it’s a tough resolve. Other times, it’s simple. No matter the content, it goes down on paper. The words flow from the pen, my hands transcribing my mind directly, one thought at a time. So I can understand it. Understand me.

If you want to know more about who you are and were created to become, I suggest you give journaling a try. Begin with a half a page every day. Start slow and form commitment. You will as you feel the difference. The process makes room, audio room, for you to stand in the open air with the still, small, faithful voice of your spirit.

For more detailed instructions on how to journal, download How To Journal. Here’s the link. Let me know how it goes…


Create something special . . .

Gia Duke and I recently talked about The Right Brain Business Plan and why a Right-Brained approach to business matters! We discussed how to do it in order to stay tru* to who you are + what you’re here to do. Have a LISTEN.


Lori Koop

(Mountain Views News, Sierra Madre published Aug 3, 2013)

The challenge of work-life balance is without question one of the most significant struggles faced by modern man.” – Stephen Covey

Balance: it is a state of mind. It’s not about equal measures on a scale, like equal life and work. That’s physical balance. What we’re talking about here is emotional balance. Finding peace within your life and your business… at the same time.

I have a client who drives her kids back and forth between activities, and is happy to support them. However, when she is with the girls she feels guilty about not working on her new business. And when she is working, she feels guilty about not spending time with the girls. She’s torn between wanting to support her kids and their growth, and birthing a business she’s passionate about.

Subconsciously she thinks, “if only I could give 100% of her time to each, then I would certainly be successful.” And that is where her frustration comes from: unrealistic expectations. Nobody gets 200%. We each get an equal portion… 100% of our time to spend.

To find peace and restore balance, it is necessary to recalculate. Begin by drawing out a typical week and blocking in the areas of your day that are already committed to certain activities. Use different colored markers to represent the various themes, for example: the kids, meals, carpooling, exercise, housework, family time, etc. What is left uncolored is the time available for your new business. Or for whatever else you have in mind. By making it visual, the truth becomes clear.

Take a careful look. Are you surprised? This is reality. And this is the place to start to create peace. Maybe it will necessitate a change in expectation. Or perhaps, a change in time allocation. You get to choose. Follow what feels good.

(If peace is still hard to find, let’s talk. I have lots of tools. There’s no need to struggle.)