We were created to thrive. And we do, when we know how.

Clarity begins with “The Real You.” There, you locate TRU passion, meaning and purpose. And there lies the wisdom from which to build a fulfilling business or career.

As a coach, I am a nurturer, not a whip cracker. I use love, not harsh words. I teach the tools and methods to help you find your true path and stay on it. As for my process, I combine a Business degree (left brain), a Fine Art degree (right brain), and a Life Coach Certification from Martha Beck to create sessions where people and dreams come true.

I hope I have the pleasure of working with you.

. . . . . . . .

Coach 6 yrs
Certified Martha Beck Life Coach

Instructor at Art Center at Night 4 yrs
BFA in Fine Art/ Painting
Art Center College of Design ~ Valedictorian

Entrepreneur 20 yrs
BBA in Accounting
Summa Cum Laude ~ Passed the CPA exam

Ceramic + Collage Artist 20 yrs