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(Mountain Views News, Sierra Madre published June 15, 2013)

I asked a bunch of business people what they struggled with most in their businesses, and it boiled down to one word: CLARITY. They lacked clarity about their products, their brand, their ideal clients, their marketing, their resources and/or time management. There are infinite responsibilities that come with running a business, and clarity is the key to good management. Clarity provides efficient movement forward.

When clarity is not present, we guess. Like a hamster on the hamster wheel, we may find ourselves working really hard but not getting ahead. How frustrating! It’s like traveling in a new city without a roadmap. Without clearly knowing where we’re headed, we can’t know the best roads to take.

To find clarity, start with the struggle. Suppose the area of stress is “time management.” That’s a broad topic. What specifically about time management is not working? Get really clear about the problem, and write it down… for example, maybe you want more time for Social Media each day. If there are several areas causing stress, make a list of them, but start with one — the one that’s most frustrating. This is Point A. Now, how would you like this thing to look ideally? Again write down your thoughts. Suppose you want 30 minutes each day for Social Media. This is Point B. The solution? The steps that get you from Point A to Point B.

Point B is where you’re headed. It is your desired destination. How do you get there?

If you’re like most people, you begin by thinking. Engaging the left-brain to analytically figure things out. Using your brain power to imagine lots of possibilities, then evaluating which ones won’t work and reducing the ideas down to “the” solution. I know this feels natural. Logic is how we were trained. It’s how we have found success in the past. But even though it may feel natural, it is not how we were designed.

We were designed to begin with the right-brain, our spirit. Instead of jamming in the left-brain, imagine finding a quiet place and slowing your thoughts down to find the answer. This is counter-intuitive, I know. But if our life map is there, our directions are there too. Learning to access your answers by first consulting that still, small voice will save you time and energy (and probably some headaches.) Learn to let clarity come while you simply listen. I use journaling to collect the ideas. There’s no “working,” the solution is given… even with time management.

It’s a new way of doing business.

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