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This week I made a full commitment to the 200 mug ceramics order. Throw eight, decorate yesterday’s eight, then attach eight handles to today’s. The system came during a sleepless night, and it offered the possibility of completion.

And I’ve been faithful. But when the word “factory” came out of my mouth to describe the process, I realized I was sucking the fun out of my dream job.

I was thinking they had to be perfect.
I was thinking I had to make them.
I was thinking “no excuses!”
I was thinking about the number 200.

I had become a drill sergeant to myself. Not the kind of boss I wanted to work for! My thoughts were poisoning my experience.

Until I realized. That’s the brilliance of remaining conscious. You notice your behavior. And you really notice when you don’t feel good.

I decided I’d rather feel these thoughts . . .

It is my choice to make these mugs.
It’s their imperfection that makes them beautiful.
I get to be with this one mug and play.
I decide my schedule.

They are each true. And feel so much better!

Maybe you want to become a better boss, too.

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The Real You (T.R.U)

When you feel discomfort, your thoughts are not in harmony with the real you.

To align with the real you, find the thoughts that feel good. They will joyfully lead you down your divine path.

Experiment this week. See if you can’t shift from feeling stressed to peace just by changing your thoughts. Notice what happens. Always good to recognize your power. xo


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